Tights can also be called leggings, or hosiery or any other type of tight bottom-enhancing legwear. The functions range from simply wearing them underneath other clothes to wearing sheer, opaque, footless compression tights specifically for sports such as do. They are used by both men and women. There are a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and types of tights available today.


Some popular varieties include sheer leggings, pantyhose, compression tights, opaque tights, footless tights, and yoga pants. The most commonly used is the sheer leggings, which give the wearer added comfort because of the spandex like material covering the feet. Women’s leggings are available in a wide variety of styles and colors such as basic black, sheer grey, white, tan, and micro-mini. They are also available in different patterns such as stripes, polka dots, and floral prints. Women’s tights are not just for the women, although some styles are designed specifically for women.

Pantyhose are considered to be very stylish and come in a variety of styles. They are worn underneath dresses as well as trousers and skirts. Many opaque pantyhose have an elastic band around the wrist. They have a double layer of material that draws moisture away from the skin and keeps perspiration out. They may also contain openings in the toes or the foot to allow ventilation.

The women pantyhose have no closure at the ankle and are usually worn with stockings or short shorts. They have elastic bands around the ankle so they can be slipped over pantyhose or leggings without tearing them. Worn under dress pants, pantyhose drawers help prevent dress pants from slipping down. opaque tights are often worn to prevent overheating during the summer months. They are made of nylon and give a slimming effect when worn alone or together with leggings or leotards.

Tights are worn by women for a variety of reasons. Some may prefer opaque or sheer tights as there is a huge range of designs, colors and styles to choose from. Some women like the way that footless tights feel against their bare feet, some do not. Opaque footless tights are worn by many women as footless shoes offer the same benefits of wearing tights but have the added benefit of being fashionable.

For the men who want to look stylish and for the yoga pants and shorts that women love, tights are an essential part of every outfit. Tights are worn for all types of occasions but most often when just to keep warm. When the weather is cold, it is more comfortable to wear tights that are thicker and can provide insulation for your body. There are two main types of tights, sheer and opaque, with leggings and tank tops also in the wardrobe. Tights are also used for rehabilitation after sports injuries and to stop weight gain.

Tights are worn all year round, whereas pantyhose are only worn in certain months of the year. Pantyhose are usually thicker than tights and thicker is usually required for colder months. They come in all styles, colours, materials and sizes to compliment your clothes and are usually more expensive than tights. Some women wear opaque tights to cover their baby bump or legs whilst others prefer sheer pantyhose as they allow the natural skin texture to show through. Opaque tights are not just for the winter as they also come in the summer months.

Although opaque tights are cheaper than sheer tights they tend to wear out faster, so will need to be replaced sooner. Whilst some people think that opaque tights can make your legs look longer, sheer tights are equally popular as they give your legs a smooth and sleek finish. As long as you buy opaque tights that match your outfit they will complement your legs of all colours, including white. They do not have to be worn with every outfit; if you don’t want to wear them then there are other tights available at an affordable price.